Monday, January 25, 2010

ZenDrum LT

From the ZenDrum website:

"The Zendrum Laptop (ZLT) is ergonomic, ambidextrous, worn with a strap orheld in a snare drum stand, on a desk, or in your lap. Same electronics andprice as a Zendrum ZX, with one extra trigger. Only 18" wide.
Standard accessories shipped with the Laptop include custom LT gigbag, strapwith straplocks, power supply/heavy-duty merge box ("Brick"), 15' and 3' MIDI cables, plus 1 extra MIDI cable (15' or 45', your choice), adapter for use on snare stand and instruction manual. International Merge Bricks are shipped with interchangeable power supply adapters for universal power requirements.
Zendrum Laptop Physical Specifications:

ZLT Dimensions:

W18" X D10" X H3.5"

Gigbag with Laptop inside: L19" X W14" X H~4.5"

Laptop shipping carton: L30" X W15" X H7"

Weight: 6-7 lbs, varies with wood used

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