Friday, January 29, 2010

Having trouble deciding which scale for your Pantheon Steel Halo Drum?

Here's the latest details:

Kiavara Halo by Pantheon Steel

I love the sound of this one. Definitely middle eastern sounding. Would go great with a middle eastern rhythm.

Ake Bono Halo by Pantheon Steel

Of course the Ake Bono has that Asian feel to it. Would go great with a Koto or Shamisen, or a taiko drum.

Xiao Xiong Diao (XXD) Halo by Pantheon Steel

This scale has a slightly different Asian feel to it. More questioning and unresolved in it's feel.

Blues Halo by Pantheon Steel

Given my recent resurgent interest in blues music, this scale would be awesome for a blues jam with bass and guitar

For the complete picture, check out the Halo Channel on youtube:

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