Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wernick PercPad

The Wernick PercPad is the world’s first electronic pad designed specifically for hand percussionists.

From the Wernick website:

"Its Ash wood playing surface combines the warm organic feel of an acoustic hand drum with all the capabilities of electronic music. It’s based on the successful Notepad, using the same patented Wernick Percussion System technology to achieve unrivalled levels of sensitivity and range. The PercPad isolation system starts with the playing surface which sits on free floating suspension mounts inside a rugged ABS tray.
On the back there’s a foam mounted steel housing for mounting the PercPac on its frame. There’s also a locking XLR connector there too ensuring that the plug can’t come loose even under the hardest playing conditions. The PercPad isolation system is finished off with two simple T Nuts ensuring thePercPad is in minimum contact with its frame.PercPad Iso Frames are available to fit two and four PercPads. They have further isloation features including a free floating collar piece and are finished in bright chrome. They fit standard drum hardware. PercPads also fit our standard Frames which are available to fit one, two, four, six and eight Pads.
The PercPad can be used with any commercially available drum brain with trigger inputs and also with Wernick Musical Instruments upcoming Trigger to MIDI converter unit. With high specification brains such as the Roland TD-10 or ddrum 4 the levels of expression and layering capabilities can be awesome.
The Wernick PercPad is not an electronic conga or bongo. It’s a new kind of musical tool for hand percussionists giving them the opportunity to make great music with the tap of a finger. "

Wow. This is cool. I want one!

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