Friday, February 08, 2008

New "Oscar" Hank-like Drum from Tribal Thunder

Tribal Thunder has produced a Hank-Drum derived instrument. Each drum has 6 notes, in a pentatonic scale. It looks like they are possibly welding the tops of two propane tanks together to make a much shorter (about 9" tall) and easier to handle drum. I really think that they have done a great job developing this instrument. The paint colors are awesome. You can play it with either your hands or mallets.
Cost is $400.


Peace and Intelligence said...

Thank you for this informaiton. I have no idea how or if or when I will ever be able to afford a Hang, this may be a better option for me.

You may want to correct the typo tho, it is correctly spelled Hang Drum. It is the word for Hand in the dialect of the area HangHang were created.

MikeO said...

I appreciate the comment, peace and inteligence. However, in this case, the spelling is correct as "Hank" is the term given to the Hang-like drume made from propane tanks, thus "Hank" is a contraction of "Hang" and "Tank".

Mick said...

I own one of these Oscars, just purchased it the other day. Tribal Thunder has several in different pitches but they all sound amazing.

I picked up one with a "pigmie" pitch - great tone and the craftsman ship is awesome. My wife purchased a hand drum from them for me and that was how we learned of the Oscar.

I tried playing a few together while I was there, amazing is all I can say. I have played drum kits for 20+ years and really like playing it with the mallets.

By the way, the posted pic does no justice to how awesome these look in person.