Friday, February 29, 2008

Blackbells Astral Hang Drum

Blackbells now has more information up on their website about their first limited edition Hang Drum model to be offered. It's called the "Astral". They haven't yet decided on the tuning which will be offered, and from all information available, it looks like the scales offered on the Astral will be limited.

It appears that this first model is going to be more about scaling production and getting all of their production kinks and tuning methodology worked out. Thus the limited scales offered.

The Good News:

Looks like they are ready to start taking deposits on the first ones to be produced. Cost will be $3000, give or take a little. You must be on the waiting list to be offered one, so if you have any interest, best to get on the waiting list. When I joined the waiting list in January, there were 200 or so ahead of me. I have no idea what the list looks like now, but you'll need to submit a form on the website to get on the list.

I have to admit that $3000 can buy a lot of instruments... I could buy a pretty sweet Martin guitar for that price... so it still seems a bit pricey. That and the fact that I haven't received spousal approval yet for this.

They are suggesting that it will be about a 3 month wait from the time your deposit is received.

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Anonymous said...

This handpan never did materialise. The other real handpans which have got into production are the BElls from BEllArt, and the Halo from Pantheon Steel.