Monday, July 27, 2009

Puck'n Stompa by Peterman

I caught a concert this weekend with N. Scott Robinson. During the show he was stomping on some awesome sounding, bass-drum like little black thingy. After the show, I went up and asked him what it was that he was playing and he showed me the Puck'n Stompa by Peter Sesselmann.

It's a great idea. It uses a real hockey puck, and plugs right into your bass or guitar amp.

Here's the link:

And a video:


Alvaro said...

Have you ever tried it? I was trying make this stomp box at home, but I was fail. I don't know, it couldn not work as it should. The sound is tnot as good as the one recorded one in the video while I think I have followed the steps orderly. Do you have some suggestions to fix this problem?

Monica said...

He is really talented music instrument player. Unfortunately, I haven't ever known the concert. I really want to know how was stomping on some awesome sounding.