Friday, March 13, 2009

Patheon Steel HALO is Coming!

I am on the newsletter distribution list and waiting list for the release of the upcoming "Hang-style" drum from Pantheon steel. This drum is called the "HALO". Listen to the sound links below and you'll be hooked. This is going to be one awesome adventure...! Thanks Pantheon.

Here's the content of the recent email newsletter:

"HALO is now reality!

The developmental phase of the HALO has now become the production phase. For the past 20 months we have been working to contribute to this art from while respecting the originators by not making a copy of the original, but rather introducing our own unique process, material and sound. We feel we have stayed true to that in producing an instrument with a soulful and rich timbre of its own that is capable of creating a powerful sonic experience.

The 1st generation HALO is a bit larger than the Hang and is lower in pitch. Where the low D3 (Ding) resides on a Hang is a low C3 on the HALO and the first three notes in the tonal circle (F,G,G#) are lower than the lowest tonal circle pitch (A) on a Hang. Our Ake Bono scale is C - F,G,G#,C,C#,f,g,g#. The warmth and projection of our lower register creates a new tonal experience in HandPan playing. The helmholtz (internal) resonance of the HALO is being used in a new way that not only can be activated when the top dome is played, but also while the low F pitch of the tonal circle is played (depending on leg placement and/or tilt angle). You will also notice that when leg placement is correct it creates a 'pedal pitch' of C2 which remains active while entire HALO is played. If you listen closely enough you can hear this in the upcoming audio as well as the video. We are excited about the nearly infinite possibilities our manufacturing process provides. The 1st generation HALO might possibly be the lowest pitched production HandPan in existence.

You may be wondering why the HALO is being unveiled in two stages. So much can be missed while both listening and watching something. Therefore we have decided to release the audio track of the HALO before the video itself. We would like your ears to discover the HALO and all its harmonic abilities first. Please use quality headphones or speakers. Nothing is better than the real experience, but quality sound reproduction is the next best thing. Listen over and over to the many nuances as the HALO comes to life.

Part 2 of the unveiling (the video) will be sent in approximately 24 hours.

HALO audio 1

HALO audio 2

Kyle Cox and Jim Dusin
HALO creators
Pantheon Steel, LLC

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